We offer a variety of kits:

Microprocessor Kits

GPMPU40 Universal Microprocessor Board -- Connect PICs, AVRs, Z8s, or almost any DIP CPU from 8 to 40 pins.
GPMPU28 PIC Prototype Board - General purpose 28-pin PIC board.
APP-II PIC Programming Kit - 16F873A board with built-in programmer/boot loader (use assembly or C)
APP-III- PIC18F252 Programming Kit - 18F252 board with built-in programmer/boot loader.
ASP-III Basic Stamp Prototyping Board - Build circuits with any 24- or 40-pin Basic Stamp.
APP-IV ATmega 8 C Language Controller - Program microcontroller applications in C!
APP-V ARM Cortex M0 Kit - Program microcontroller applications in 32-bit C!
PICUSB - USB (PIC 18F2550) prototyping kit

Interface Kits

GP-1 Serial PS/2 LCD Terminal Kit - Terminal for LCD and PS/2 keyboard.
GP-2 PS/2 to Serial Converter Kit - Convert PS/2 keyboard to RS232.
GP-3 PC Analog and Digital I/O Kit - Control and sense the real world from PC programs.
GP-4 PC Servo Control Kit - Control servos from your PC or processor.
GP-5 Position Sensor Kit - Use a mouse to sense position.
GP-6 PWM Controller Kit - Generate PWM from a PC or microprocessor.
GP-7 Two Wire Serial Interface Kit -Communicate with two wire serial devices from a PC.
GP-9 Analog/PWM Controller Kit - Read analog and generate PWM from a PC or microprocessor; or let the analog inputs control the PWM outputs.
Universal Relay Board Kit - Two relays on one handy PCB.
RS-I RS232 Adapter Kit - Convert an RS232 to TTL levels.

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