Shown with some optional or user-supplied components and breadboard

Many microcontroller projects could benefit from a full-blown user interface, but developing one can be prohibitive. Now, with the GP-1 kit you can connect an ordinary PS/2 keyboard and a common Hitachi-style LCD display to any computer that can use RS232. This easy-to-build kit has many exciting features:

Configurable to work with different size LCDs

Parameters stored in EEPROM

VT100-style command set

Optional line wrapping, scrolling, and line end treatments

Selectable echo modes

Hardware selected baud rate 19200, 9600, 2400 or 1200 (all at 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit)

Hardware (RTS/CTS) handshaking

DB9, DCE RS232 connector

True RS232 from onboard 5V supply

Includes PS/2 connector

Can be used without keyboard for smart displays, or without LCD for keyboard-only input

Correctly displays ~ and \ characters

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GPMPU28 Manual

This versatile kit can be customized to use different power supplies or provide TTL level outputs, if required. Imagine the power of a multi-line VT100-style terminal in your next project. You can use an industrial keyboard in a harsh environment or a small keyboard or numeric keypad where space is at a premium. Nearly any 14-pin Hitachi-style LCD will work including many popular vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) and most surplus LCD units.

All you supply is an LCD, a keyboard, an optional LCD contrast voltage (depends on your LCD module; often you can simply connect the contrast voltage to ground) and a DC power supply (the GP-1 has an onboard 5V regulator, or you can supply 5V regulated directly to it). Now your Basic Stamp, PIC, or other micro project can have a full text terminal. You can even use the GP-1 to talk to modems (cross cable required) or even a PC.

You can read the manual online. This kit is based on our GPMPU28 board, and you may want to read the manual for that board as well.

Please note that this is a kit and does require soldering and basic electronic tools. This allows you to customize the board to fit your needs. All the parts are through hole, and the solder masked board is very easy to assemble.

Add to Cart GP-1 complete kit $49.95 each

Add to Cart Serial cable (DB9 female to male, 6') $8.99

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