GP3/PI connected to a Raspberry PI (note: screw terminals included in kit not installed in this picture; Raspberry PI not included)

Single board Linux computers like the Raspberry Pi, the Beagle Board, and others are a great way to jump start your embedded design. While they are easy to program, many of them lack some of the powerful I/O options you expect on a microcontroller. They also tend to operate on 3.3V.

Our GP3 board is great for adding I/O to a PC, why not add one to a Raspberry Pi? You can, of course, but it requires building out a serial port with proper levels (a good job for an RS-II board). We decided there had to be a better way.

The GP3/Pi is a full software compatible GP3 board that operates with an external 3.3V power supply. The board runs at half the frequency of a normal GP3, so all time related parameters (except baud rate) are double the time or half the frequency of a normal GP3.

The GP-3 has an impressive slate of features including:

  • 8 general purpose I/O lines (digital input/output with special features like PWM or pulse output)
  • 5 10-bit A/D inputs (separate from digital pins)
  • 1 hardware PWM output (operates continuously)
  • 1 hardware counter input (operates continuously)
  • 1 LED under software control
  • EEPROM for storing configuration or serial numbers (256 bytes)
  • Portable C library source with examples   Download example code  Online documentation

Simply connect 4 wires (power, ground, RX, and TX) between your Pi and the GP3/Pi and you'll have unmatched real world I/O capability using a time-proven and efficient board. The simple C library will have you up and running in no time.

For more details, read the main GP3 page or read the manual.

What resources are available?

You can find all the software and documentation for the GP-3 in the GP-3 Center.

How do I get one?

Add to Cart GP-3/Pi complete kit (including screw terminals) $29.95SALE: $19.95

Add to Cart GP-3/Pi assembled (including screw terminals) $42.50

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