New: Our new PicoPAK-VIII simplifies control of a single servo!

Do you need to generate multiple pulses while doing other processing? If you are using a microcontroller, check out the PAK-VIIIa Pulse Output coprocessor. (If you are using a PC or prefer an RS232 interface, you might find the GP4 easier to use).

The PAK-VIIIa provides 8 channels of pulse output (and 8 fixed frequency outputs). You can set each channel's on and off time with a resolution of 10uS (5uS if you only use 4 channels). The PAK will generate the pulses until you tell it to stop. In addition, you can set a count for each channel to cause a certain number of pulses instead of a continuous stream.

Use the PAK-VIIIa to:

Generate custom PWM
Control servo motors
Generate pulses while the main processor continues program execution.

The PAK-VIIIa is a 28-pin IC. It uses our time-tested PAK protocol (similar to the PAK-I, II, III, and IV). With the Basic Stamp, you'll simply use ShiftIn and ShiftOut to communicate with the chip. You only need two pins to connect the PAK. Plus you can share those two pins with most other PAKs if each PAK has a separate enable pins.

The PAK-VIIIa is easy to use. Each channel has a set of registers that allow you to set the mode, on time, off time, and optional count for that channel. In addition, you can configure a prescaler to control the duration. Each time is a 16-bit number which can represent a time from 5uS to 1.28mS (depending on the prescaler settings). The pulse count can range from 1 to 32767.

The Details

With the PAK-VIIIa you receive the PAK-VIIIa chip, a ceramic resonator, and a data sheet that explains how to use the chip (you can also view the manual online). You can find PIC Basic Pro code for this chip in the document library.

Need pulse input? Check out the PAK-VII.

Need to control servos from a PC or via RS232? Check out the GP4.

Get it Now!

Try a PAK-VIIIa for 21 days. If you aren't delighted, just send it back undamaged for a full refund of your purchase price. But once you see how useful it is, you won't want to be without it.

Need volume pricing?

Add to Cart PAK-VIIIa Coprocessor $24.95 each

Key Benefits

Saves development time
Generates pulses with no intervention from your processor
Perfect for servo control
High resolution (16-bit) outputs

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