Have you ever wanted to precisely measure position with a Basic Stamp or any microprocessor? Sure, you can roll your own solution, but it is hard to beat the price of a common PC mouse. These mass market items often cost less than $10, but can resolve motion in two axis at up to 800 dots per inch! Optical mice don't even need direct contact with the surface they are measuring.

Many people have used our popular PAK-VI chip to interface to a mouse (the document library has several example projects with the PAK-VI). However, you still had to decode the mouse input and decide what it meant. With the new PAK-XI, all the work's already been done! With a simple RS-232 interface, the PAK-XI is practically plug and play.

By default, the PAK automatically initializes the mouse and begins recording motion. On demand, it will send the X and Y position to the host processor along with the current buttons state. The PAK can also latch button information so you can detect button presses you'd otherwise miss.

With 16-bit numbers and a 400 DPI mouse, it is easy to measure distances over 80 inches on either side of the zero point. If you prefer, you can have the host computer accumulate the counts with more bits, which means you only need to ensure that there are less than 80 inches per sample.

In addition, you can also set the PAK to read the mouse in raw mode if you prefer. This is ideal for debugging or setting special mouse modes or resolutions.

In short, the PAK-XI makes it easy to add inexpensive, high-resolution position data to your numerically controlled machine, robot, or any application that requires position sensing. You can either use the mouse as-is, or remove its case and couple your device to the sensors as needed. Either way, the PAK-XI makes it a snap to read the motion the mouse reports.

The Details

With the PAK-XI you receive the PAK-XI chip, a ceramic resonator, and a data sheet that explains how to use the chip (view the datasheet online).

Get it Now!

Try a PAK-XI for 21 days. If you aren't delighted, just send it back undamaged for a full refund of your purchase price. But once you see your Stamp reading a keyboard, you won't want to be without it.

Need volume pricing?

Add to Cart PAK-XI Coprocessor $24.95 each

Add to Cart PS/2 cable (female, 4 wires) $3.00

Our GPMPU40/18 PC board will easily fit a PAK-XI and provides a 5V power supply, RS232 interface, and easy connection to external circuits (including the mouse)

Add to Cart GPMPU40/18 Full kit. Includes PC board, all core components, and instructions. $24.95 each

Key Benefits

Saves your valuable development time
Inexpensive yet highly accurate positioning data from ordinary mechanical or optical mice
Handles the PS/2 serial protocol
Accumulates 16-bit X and Y counters at the mouse's highest resolution
Raw mode allows full control
Simple RS-232 interface
Buffers data for slower processors
Low power consumption

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