Shown with some optional or user-supplied components, breadboard, and user-supplied serial LCD

In the past, precisely measuring position was a difficult task. However, today's PC mice are readily available, inexpensive, and highly accurate. The GP-5 kit allows you to harness these mice to measure positions in two dimensions. Based on our popular GPMPU28 board, this kit allows you to connect a PS/2 mouse (not included) and read position data via the serial port. Flexible configuration options allow you to format the data (in inches, millimeters, or raw counts) for processing on a serial LCD, a microcontroller, or a PC. The configuration also allows you to set mouse resolution and other options. The board retains the setup in EEPROM, so you only need to set it up once.

Combined with an optical or mechanical mouse, you can easily resolve precise measurements, convert them to engineering units, and process them. This kit is essentially a board-level version of our PAK-XI, although it does not require a separate microprocessor to control it.

Perfect for machine tools, robots, or anywhere that you need precise position information.

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GPMPU28 Manual

PAK-XI (similar chip)

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