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LEDs and IR
Connectors and Cables
Discrete Components


PIC18F252-40/P with 3 pin 20MHz resonator ($12.25)
PIC16F886-20/P with 3-pin 20MHZ resonator ($5.00)
PIC16F628A-I/P with 3-pin 20MHZ resonator ($3.50)
PIC12F629/P with 8 pin socket ($2.00)
Ubicom SX28 with 3-pin 50MHZ resonator ($6.50)
ATmega8/16MHz with 3-pin 10MHz resonator ($8.99)

Note: All ICs are through-hole DIP packages unless otherwise noted.


10MHz resonator ($1.45)
12MHz crystal HC6/U package ($1.25)
20MHZ resonator ($1.50)
10MHZ resonator/5 pack ($2.90)
20MHZ resonator/5 pack ($3.00)
50MHZ resonator ($2.00)
50MHz resonator/5 pack ($5.50)
50MHz DIP oscillator can ($3.00)

Note: Resonators are three terminal with built-in capacitors. PAKs ship with resonators, but you can use these for spares or for any micro project that needs a resonator.


24C32 Serial EEPROM ($1.75)
7805 Three terminal 5V regulator (TO220) ($1.50)
7833 Three terminal 3.3V regulator (TO220) ($1.50)
74LS244 Octal Buffer ($1.00)
MAX232 IC ($3.00)
Xilinx XC9572-15PC84C (PLCC84) ($12.00)

Note: All ICs are through-hole DIP packages unless otherwise noted.

LEDs and IR

5V green LEDs/4 pack ($5.00)
3.2V blue LEDs (T1 -- very bright)/2 pack ($1.00)
IR LED, right angle mount ($1.00)
IR sensor IC ($4) [out of stock]

Note: 5V LEDs operate directly from 5V - no dropping resistor required.


40 pin .6" DIP socket/2 pack ($2.00)
28 pin .3" DIP socket/2 pack ($1.25)
18 pin .3" DIP socket/2 pack ($1.25)
8 pin .3" DIP socket/4 pack ($2.00)
20 pin female header socket ($5.00)

Connectors and Cables

USB Serial adapter, DB9M to USB B with cable for Windows on sale: 14.95
Serial cable 6' DB9 M/F ($8.99)
Female PCB DB9 right angle short reach ($1.50)
PS/2 cable, female, 4 wires ($3.00)
40 pin male .1" header/4 pack ($1.00)
2.1 mm coaxial power connector PCB mount ($1.50)

Discrete Components

IRL520 Logic-level 9A MOSFET (TO220) ($1.50) [Find out how to use FETs]
Prototype PC board ($4.99) [click for photo]
Switches for breadboards/4 pack ($6.00)
Resistor network 10 pin SIP isolated 100 ohm/2 pack ($2.00)
9V Battery/2 pack ($2.75)

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