AWC has many tools to help you realize your PIC project. Our popular GPMPU28 (pictured above) is the perfect board for nearly any PIC project. In addition, our APP-II and APP-III programming kits allow you to develop without a programmer.

Select what best fits your needs to read more:

GPMPU40 - Universal MPU prototyping board -- accepts any DIP CPU from 8 pin to 40 pin and includes flexible RS232, power supply, clock, and reset options
GPMPU28 - 28 pin PIC prototyping board with RS232 and power supply
APP-II - Self programming PIC16F873 kit works with any terminal program on any operating system -- can also be used as a Windows PIC programmer to program other PICs!
APP-III - Self programming PIC18F252 kit
APP-IV - Program applications using GNU C (based on an Atmel AVR processor)
SeaBass - Write Basic programs for the PIC, AVR, or any processor with a C compiler
AVR Programming Adapter - Use our XCP1 to program AVRs with or without JTAG
PICs and resonators - Unbeatable prices on ceramic resonators
Free PIC programming resources (sample code and tutorials)
GPMPU28 Example - A Morse code beacon/keyboard
Project kits - Many of our kits are based on PIC processors -- read a keyboard, add A/D to nearly any PC program, control servos, and more
Free tool: FConvert - Out PAK-I/II/IX floating point number conversion tool also works for any IEEE or Microchip floating point format programming.

Our PAKs are easy to use with most PICs... find out how to add floating point math, PWM, PS/2 or more to your PIC designs. Code provided.

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