Shown with user-supplied components including an Atmel ATMega32 Processor

This versatile board provides the ultimate flexibility for microcontroller designers. A unique pattern allows you to fit virtually any 40, 32, 28, 24, 18, 16, or 8 pin processor into this PCB. The board provides connections to a breadboard, a 5V power supply, a crystal or resonator, a reset circuit, and a flexible RS232 subsystem. New: This board is now available with a 28 pin SSOP adapter perfect for many surface mount processors!

It is great to test and debug processor circuits on a breadboard. But it is tedious to have to build your basic circuit on a breadboard for each project. The GPMPU40 plugs directly into a standard solderless breadboard and provides access to all 40 pins right to the breadboard. It also provides a customizable connector for a programmer or other external connection. When you are ready to put your product in the field, you can solder an ordinary "prototype" PCB to the GPMPU40's breadboard connector.

The unique hole pattern used by the GPMPU40 allows you to connect the various subsystems to the CPU. Of course, you can also use the breadboard header to connect to any real-world device you like after your design is off the breadboard (see an example). Four mounting holes allow the GPMPU to install permanently, if desired.

The high-quality double sided board has plated through holes, solder mask, and silk screen markings to make assembly simple. The included instructions show the schematic, parts list, and it also discusses many possible customizations you may wish to make.

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GPMPU40 Manual

Example configurations

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The board accepts virtually any 40, 32, 28, 24, 18, 16, or 8 pin processor with either .6" or .3" spacing. You can read the manual online. If you use a chip smaller than 40 pins, you can use the unused area for other ICs like EEPROMs, A/Ds, etc. For example, you could use a 24 pin Basic Stamp and still have room for 2 8 pin EEPROMs!

The board can be configured for a wide variety of chips including:

Any Microchip PIC in DIP packaging (18F254, 18F252, 16F877, 16F873, 16F628, 16F84, etc.)

Any Atmel AVR/ATTiny/ATMega in DIP packaging

Basic Stamp and compatible variants (BS2P/40, BS2, Javelin Stamp, etc.)

Cypress PSoC in DIP packaging

Zilog Z8 and Encore in DIP packaging

Cygnal processors in DIP packaging

Many Intel processor in DIP packaging

National Semiconductor COP in DIP packaging

Many DIP processors from Dallas

Many DIP processors from Motorola

Virtually any DIP microcontroller

Available for CPUs with a 28 pin SSOP footprint

The RS232 system is flexible allowing you to connect the DB9 as a DTE or DCE device. You can also use jumpers on the board to select one auxiliary input and one output (that is, RTS and CTS, for CD and DTR).

If you are breadboarding or you just want a robust platform for your microprocessor projects, you want the GPMPU40!

The core components kit includes:

MAX232 and associated capacitors
DB9 connector
Power supply components
An IC socket
Pin headers and jumper caps

You need a processor and resonator (or crystal/capacitor) which will vary, of course, depending on your specific application (see our components page for a choice of PICs and low-cost ceramic resonators). The board will also accept an optional 2mm power connector and a three-terminal reset controller, for those processors that require it.

This is a kit, so you'll have a chance to customize it as you assemble it. All the parts are through hole and the PCB is silk screened and solder masked.

The GPMPU40 is available today. You can get the entire kit, or just the parts you want or need, including just the bare board.

Add to Cart New! Full kit. Includes PC board, adapter for up to 28 pin SSOP processor, core components, and instructions. $29.95 each (see example photo)

Add to Cart Full kit. Includes PC board, 40 pin socket, core components, and instructions. $24.95 each

Add to Cart Full kit. As above, but includes a 28 pin .3" socket instead of 40 pin socket. $24.95 each

Add to Cart Full kit. As above, but includes an 18 pin .3" socket instead of 40 pin socket. $24.95 each

Add to Cart Full kit. As above, but includes two 8 pin .3" sockets instead of 40 pin socket. $24.95 each

Add to Cart Universal kit. As above, but includes universal socket and headers for all configuration pins (see this article for more details). $44.95 each

Add to Cart Bare board. Includes PC board, and instructions. $14.95 each

Add to Cart Serial cable (DB9 female to male, 6') $8.99

Suitable processors and resonators for the above boards (click to add to cart):

PIC18F252-40/P with 3 pin 20MHz resonator ($12.25)

PIC16F886-20/P with 3-pin 20MHZ resonator ($12.00)

PIC16F628A-I/P with 3-pin 20MHZ resonator ($3.50)

PIC12F629/P with 8 pin socket ($2.00)

ATmega8/16MHz with 3-pin 10MHz resonator ($8.99)

10MHz resonator ($1.45)

20MHZ resonator ($1.50)

10MHZ resonator/5 pack ($2.90)

20MHZ resonator/5 pack ($3.00)

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