The APP-IIb is an exciting way to get started with PIC programming -- without a programmer. The APP-II uses TTL serial data to directly read and program hex files.

This page has resources for the APP-II. If you want to purchase the APP-II, you need our PIC programming page.


NEW! SeaBass Basic Compiler for the APP-II [html]

NEW! Program the APP-II in C [html] [zip]

Test program - This program is already in the APP-II when it ships [source] [hex]

First program - Use this one to finish testing the APP-II [source for APP-IIb] [hex for APP-IIb] [source for original APP-II] [hex for original APP-II]

Tutor program - The one used in our Web tutorial [source] [hex]

Morse Code Beacon (from Dayton Hamfest) - Modified for the APP-II [zip] [original source]

APP2.INC - Include file to use APP2 libraries [source]

A/D demo - Use the APP-II to read voltages [source] [hex]

Visual Basic Scope - Use this VB program with the A/D demo to make a simple oscilloscope [zip]

Using the APP2 with PIC Basic Pro - Program the APP2 in Basic with MELab's PICBasic Pro [html]

Manual - Manual in PDF format [pdf]

Loader - Loads hex files from the command line (batch file for Windows NT, 2000, or XP only; exe should work for any Windows version). Great for integrating with IDEs. Use of this is strictly optional. [bat] [exe New version 2 has optional GUI]

Java Loader - Works with Linux, Windows, or any Java platform that supports the Java Communications API (JCA). [jar] [html]

Forth Tutorial - Learn how to use the powerful (and free) PIC Forth compiler [html].

APP2.FS - Forth include for using APP-II functions [source]

APP2 with Sharp Zaurus - Chris Camancho's GPUTILs port uses the Zaurus to program the APP-II! [link]

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