Shown with some optional or user-supplied components and breadboard

Servo motors are popular for use with a microcontroller -- they are simple to use and inexpensive. However, controlling them from a PC can be a problem. But not anymore. The GP-4 generates 8 simultaneous pulses ranging from 1mS to 2mS in 10uS steps. That allows you to move servos between their full range of motion in over 100 steps. You can use the GP-4 with any processor with a serial port -- including a PC. (If you are controlling servos with a microcontroller, you might find it easier to use our PAK-VIII.) Look at these features:

8 pulse outputs

Hardware enables for each channel

Software commands to set position, enable servos, and more

Outputs are synchronized -- all 8 always start at the same time

True RS232 from onboard 5V supply

ActiveX control (OCX) and DLL supplied; or control via serial protocol (9600 baud)

Key Links


GPMPU28 Manual

PAK-VIII (similar chip)

ActiveX Libraries

This versatile kit can be customized to use different power supplies or provide TTL level outputs, if required. Imagine the power of servo control in your next project. Here are just a few ideas:

- Robotics

- Animatronics

- Real world manipulators

The ActiveX control (or DLL) supplied makes it simple to control the GP-4. Here's a summary of the functions available:

Reset - Reset GP4 SetPosition - Sets individual servo position EnableChannel - Enables servo
Enable - Enables entire GP4 ReadChannel - Gets individual servo position SetMask - Masks some or all servos

All you supply is a DC power supply (the GP-4 has an onboard 5V regulator, or you can supply 5V regulated directly to it). This kit is based on our GPMPU28 board, and you may want to read the manual for that board as well as the GP4 manual.

How easy is using the GP-4? Easy! Here's a simple Visual Basic event handler that sets a servo's position:

Servo1.SetPosition(2,-10)  ' set servo #2 to 100uS ahead of center

With the ActiveX DLL you can control servos from practically anywhere -- ASP pages, Excel spreadsheets, and more. Of course, most programming languages can use the ActiveX control provided.

Please note that this is a kit and does require soldering and basic electronic tools. This allows you to customize the board to fit your needs. All the parts are through hole, and the solder masked board is very easy to assemble.

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