Sometimes there is no substitute for relay switching. Relays have perfect isolation, low resistance, and can inexpensively handle large amounts of current. This handy kit gives you control of two 12V/16A relays and includes a 5V regulator, plus a controller that makes it easy to switch either relay using any logic level input. Just check out this board's features:

  • Two SPST 12V high current relays
  • Relays have silver cadmium oxide contacts (24VDC or 240VAC maximum)
  • Operates from 12V (5V regulator onboard for driver chip)
  • Two inputs for each relay
  • Molex connectors (and mating connectors) provided
  • Hole pattern accepts optional Phoenix screw terminals or wires)
  • Logic level input
  • Includes "flyback" diodes
  • LEDs indicate state of the relays
  • Direct connection to relay coils provided

Operation is simple. Each relay has two control lines. Bring both lines high and the relay closes. Of course, you can tie the inputs together if you want a single control line, or you can wire all four inputs together to form an effective double pole relay.

The relay contacts are rated at 16A. The PC board traces are wide to handle high current, although at higher currents, you may want to make direct connections to the relay contacts and bypass the PC board traces.

You can read the manual for this kit.

Here's an article about using the KP1 with a Basic Stamp.

Please note that this is a kit and does require soldering and basic electronic tools. This allows you to customize the board to fit your needs. All the parts are through hole, and the solder masked board is very easy to assemble.

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