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Basic Stamp prototyping just got easier! AWC's always been known for making Stamp prototyping easier. Now the ASP-III continues that tradition. Based on our popular GPMPU40 board, the ASP-III will accept any 24-pin or 40-pin Stamp or Stamp-compatible module including the Javelin or the Motorola M68DKIT912C32.

Pins allow you to connect all 40 pins to a solderless breadboard. Or solder it to a prototyping PCB. Either way, you can expand the board to hold a design of any complexity. No more fighting to squeeze your circuit on a tiny breadboard.

The ASP-III has many features on board so you don't have to build everything from scratch:

A MAX232 RS232 port that you can connect to any Stamp pin. You can configure the port to be DCE or DTE and it also provides optional connections for your choice of handshaking lines.
A separate connector for the programming port.
Optional 5V power supply
A 6-pin header (perfect for connecting a serial LCD, for example.

In addition, the board is very flexible. A 40-pin or 24-pin Stamp will fit in the supplied 40-pin socket. If you replace the 40 pin socket with a true 24 pin socket (not provided), you can mount any 24-pin Stamp and still have room left over to connect a serial EEPROM, I2C A/D converter, or any other 8 pin DIP IC on the board. In fact, you'll have room for two! Perfect for using our PicoPak VIII for servo control!

The unique hole pattern used by the ASP-III allows you to connect the various subsystems to the Stamp to suit your needs. Of course, you can also use the breadboard header to connect to any real-world device you like after your design is off the breadboard. Four mounting holes allow the board to install permanently, if desired.

The high-quality double sided board has plated through holes, solder mask, and silk screen markings to make assembly simple. The included instructions discuss many possible customizations you may wish to make.

Key Links

GPMPU40 Manual

Example configurations

You can read the GPMPU40 board's manual online (this is the board used for the ASP-III).

The RS232 system is flexible allowing you to connect the DB9 as a DTE or DCE device. You can also use jumpers on the board to select one auxiliary input and one output (that is, RTS and CTS, for CD and DTR).

The core components kit includes:

MAX232 and associated capacitors
Two DB9 connectors
A bypass capacitor
A 40 pin socket which will accept 24 or 40 pin modules (you supply the Stamp)
A 5V LED you can optionally connect
Pin headers and jumper caps

You can also order the board with the 5V power supply components. The board will also accept an optional 2mm power connector and a three-terminal reset controller, for those processors that require it. You supply your own Stamp and solderless breadboard.

This is a kit, so you'll have a chance to customize it as you assemble it. All the parts are through hole and the PCB is silk screened and solder masked. There's just no easier way to build Stamp circuits!

The ASP-III is available today. You can get the entire kit, or just the parts you want or need, including just the bare board.

Add to Cart Full kit. Includes PC board, all core components, and instructions. $20.95 each

Add to Cart Full kit as above with power supply components. $25.95 each

Add to Cart Bare board. Includes PC board, and instructions. $14.95 each

Add to Cart Serial cable (DB9 female to male, 6') $8.99

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