Using the PAK-VI is very simple. Here's a program that echos characters to the DEBUG screen:

pakout con 15
pakin con 14
' Uncomment one of the two lines below
'baud con 84 ' For BS2/BS2E only -- change for BS2SX, etc. (9600 baud)
baud con 240 ' For BS2SX/BS2P (9600 baud)
fpin con 13
keyin var byte
' reset pak
serout pakout,baud,[$FF]
pause 500  ' wait for reset complete
' read character
serin pakin\fpin,baud,[keyin]
Debug keyin
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Be sure to select one (and only one) of the baud rate constants depending on which processor you are using. This program will work with the schematic in the PAK-VI manual.

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