If you've used our popular GP3 PC interface kit, you know that it is a cost effective way to read analog data into a PC. But what if you don't want to write your own software? No problem! We've released this beta version of GP3DAQ to handle analog input from the GP3 into your PC. Look at all of these great features:

Reads from 1 to 5 analog inputs

Saves data to its own format, comma-delimited file (suitable for Excel), or exports/prints bitmaps

Set nearly all parameters including trace styles, colors, grids, and axis labels

Perform polynomial or linear curve fitting

Averages multiple samples

Can limit the sampling time, if desired

High-accuracy timer uses Windows multimedia hardware for improved precision

Online help file

This beta version of GP3DAQ can handle all of your analog data acquisition needs. If you already have a GP3, download the software now (it is free). If you don't have a GP3 -- they are on sale, so check them out at the GP3 page.

By the way, if you use Linux you might want to check out how to use GNUPlot to do something similar.

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