GP3ASM Beta V0.1

Use this Web application to generate a binary file that you can download to your GP3 board (in program mode) so that it will execute in standalone mode without using GP3EZ.


To download to your board, ensure it is connected to your PC and in the correct mode to respond to commands (hint: a carriage return will light up the LED). Your terminal software should be 57600 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bits, and no parity. Select hardware handshaking. Use your terminal software's function to upload a plain file or send a file. The board will respond with a number of spaces (20 hex).

Recommended serial terminals: RealTerm (Windows or WINE under Linux) or CuteCom (Linux).

Note: A successful compile will just download a ZIP file with no other indication. Errors will be displayed below.

Program Name (no spaces or special characters):

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