Although we bill the ABX84 as an Altera MAX development board, you can use it -- and its associated JTAG adapter -- with the readily-available Atmel ATF15xxx CPLDs. These are pin compatible with the ABX84, and the Atmel ISP software will directly operate our JTAG adapter (it looks like a ByteBlaster).

For configuration, you have two options:

  1. Use Atmel's WinCUPL software
  2. Convert an existing Altera design's POF file into a JED file and use Atlmel's ATMELISP software to download

All the software just mentioned is at If you are using Altera's tools and just want to use the ATF device as a second source, you can run winpof2jed which looks like this:

The JED file produced will work with the ATMELISP software and the ABX84's JTAG adapter. The ATMELISP program has a nice tutorial, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Start the program

  2. Set your hardware settings (LPT1 and ByteBlaster, for example)

  3. Select File | New to make a new "chain file"

  4. Enter the number of devices on your JTAG chain (usually 1, in this case)

  5. Under JTAG instruction select Program/Verify and pick the correct device type

  6. Select the JED file you want to program and press OK

  7. Press Run to execute the "chain file"; the program will ask you to save the chain file first

Once you have saved the chain file, you'll be able to load it directly and skip the first 6 steps.

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