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Once you have a script working as you like it, you can compile it, download it to the GP3 (this requires the GP3A firmware), and then it will execute on the GP3 hardware with out connection to the PC. It will continue to do this until you reprogram it.

If you don't have the GP3A firmware, contact AWC about upgrading. However, the original GP3 will work fine with GP3EZ, it simply won't handle compiled scripts.

There are a few limitations in compiled code:
      Most external triggers and actions are not allowed
      After time triggers are not allowed
      Disable/Enable step actions are not supported
      There are more limitations on the amount of bookmarking allowed in a compiled program.

There is also some difference in short timing and loop timing. This is to be expected as the PC is not a real time platform and is not good at handling very short delays. When you ask GP3EZ on the PC to delay for, say, 10 milliseconds, the actual time may vary considerably. However, when compiled, the GP3 board -- which is very deterministic and isn't running a large operating system and other programs -- will produce a delay very close to 10 milliseconds. You'll notice that compiled loops execute much faster than loops run from the PC. This is partially due to the PC's time instability and partially because the compiled loop doesn't have to feed commands down the serial port. The bottom line is to realize that compiled code will run faster than non-compiled code.

In addition, some script arguments have stricter limits when compiled. See the readme.txt file for the latest information on these limitations. In addition, the compiler will warn you when you exceed one of these limits

With the GP3A firmware, you must ground RC1 for normal operation. This includes downloading compiled scripts. When you connect RC1 to +5V and reset the board, the GP3A will execute the compiled script you last downloaded. By default, the GP3A has a simple script that blinks the onboard LED a few times, pauses, and repeats. You can use this to verify the operation of the GP3A. If you want to use the GP3A with the PC again, or download a new compiled script, just connect RC1 to ground and reset the board.