Command Line
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You may name a single file on the command line which will cause GP3EZ to open this file on start up (you may wish to associate GP3 files with GP3EZ).

If you wish to run a file automatically place the word "run" (without quotes) on the command line after the file name. For example, you could create a shortcut with the command line:

GP3EZ c:\main.gp3 run

If you wish to automatically start the TCP server for interfacing with external programs, you can provide a port number prefixed with a colon anywhere after the file name. So to start the server on port 1234, you could write:

GP3EZ c:\main.gp3 run :1234
GP3EZ c:\main.gp3 :1234 run
GP3EZ c:\main.gp3 :1234                      (in this case, the script would not run automatically)

Naturally, you should be certain the COM port setting stored in the file is correct for your hardware so that execution will succeed.