Menu Only Functions
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There are a few functions available only from the menu:

File | Export as HTML - Exports the open script as an HTML page which is useful for printing or documentation. Note: When entering notes about a script or a step, your text will be converted to HTML automatically. However, if you wish to use HTML in your comments, make sure the first character of the note is a < (for example, start with a <P> tag). In this case, NO conversion of the note will take place (so be sure to use <P> or <BR> tags for line breaks, for example).

Script | Reset GP3 - Resets the GP3 to its initial power up state immediately.

Script | Show States - Shows the States tab in the step editor. Note that if you open a script with steps, this setting is automatically checked.

Script | Start GP3UI Server - Starts the TCP Server on the indicated port. Note you can only change the port number using the command line.