What's New V1.2
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What's new in Version 1.2?

      Completely optional state machine management. Check the Script | Show States menu option to enable (this setting is remembered; scripts that have state automatically will show them regardless of this setting)
1.   Each step has a state tab that allows you to define up to 14 states.
2.   Steps can be active for selected states.
3.   Steps can set a new state after they execute.
4.   HTML output shows steps only if steps are used.
5.   Using a $ in external programs will provide the current state to external programs (use $$ to get a single $). NOTE: This may require a change to any script you have that passes $ to an external program.
      Export to HTML now offers to view the generated page.
      Analog conditions can now compare to another analog input voltage as well as a constant. Note that the step value is always computed using the first analog value. In addition an analog condition that compares to another channel is only compilable on a GP3A2 or a GP3A1 shipped on or after 8 January 2008.
      New external actions allow (non-compiled) scripts to log the step value, time and date, and other information to a comma delimited file.