About GP3 Versions
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There are several GP3 versions:
      The GP3 has been available since 2003. GP3EZ can drive the original GP3 but this type of board can't accept compiled scripts. GP3EZ detects this type of board and produces an error if you try to download a script to a GP3A. The chips in these devices are marked 16F873 or 16F873A.
      The GP3A1 is an interim device that uses the 16F873A. These can accept small downloads (40 or 50 steps). In addition, GP3A1s shipped on January 8, 2008 or later have the ability to compile scripts with analog conditions that compare two analog channels.
      The GP3A2 is the same as a GP3A1 but it has more program storage (hundreds of steps) and twice the EEPROM of the GP3A1.