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The controls on the screen are:

      File - This box contains the name of the current file. You can enter a file name here if you like.
       ... - This button allows you to select a file which will be put in the file box and loaded. [ Same as menu File | Open ]
      Load - Load the file named in the file box. [ Same as menu File | Reopen ]
      New - Start a new GP3EZ script. [ Same as menu File | New ]
      Notes - You can put anything you like in this box to describe the script.
      Port - Select the port connected to the GP3. Note that this port will be saved in any scripts you save, and remembered next time GP3EZ starts. However, scripts only load the port number if you have not manually set the port. If you want to use the script's port number, blank out the port field before loading the file.
      Help - Brings up this help. [Same as menu Help | Help ]
      About - Brings up an about box. You can also find controls here to disable balloon help and reset the stored size of the GP3EZ window. [ Same as menu Help | About ]
      Script Box - The box above the bottom row of buttons contains the script. There are 4 fields on each line:
1.   A flag. A - means the step is not enabled. A < character means the step passes control to a different step when it executes, not the next step. A * means the step passes control back to the last bookmark saved. A space means the step is enabled and does not alter control flow.
2.   The step number.
3.   The step's tag (optional). The screen above has two tags, Start and Flash.
4.   The step's notes field.
      Up arrow - Move the selected step up in the script list. (You can also use Control+Up to do this from the keyboard)
      Insert - Insert a new step into the step list.
      Dup - Duplicate a step in the step list.
      Delete - Delete a step in the step list.
      Down arrow - Move the selected step down in the script list (or use Control+Down).
      Edit - Edit the current step. You can also double click the step to get the same effect.
      Save - Saves the script using the name in the file box. [ Same as menu File | Save ]
      Save As - Saves the script using a name of your choice. [ Same as menu File | Save As ]
      Run - Connect to the GP3, reset it, and start with step 1 of the current script. (Note: naming a file on the command line will cause GP3EZ to load it and run it on start up. [Same as menu Script | Run ]
      Debug - Run with the debugger active. [ Same as menu Script | Debug ]
      Compile - This button will compile the current script and send it to the GP3 board for execution independent of the PC. You must have a GP3A board for this to work (the program will alert you if you need a firmware upgrade). [ Same as menu Script | Compile ]
      Exit - End GP3EZ. [ Same as menu File | Exit ]

Note that to compile and download a script, RC1 must be grounded at reset. This is also the default configuration for running scripts from the PC. To make the GP3A execute the compiled script, connect RC1 to +5V and reset the board.