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GP3 Class Reference

The main class for the I/O board. More...

#include <gp3.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GP3 (int rx, int tx)
 GP3 (Stream &port)
 ~GP3 ()
int getError (void)
void clearError (void)
 Clear any errors.
int readByte (void)
unsigned int readWord (void)
void setLED (boolean onoff)
 Set the LED on (true) or off (false)
unsigned int a2d ()
void a2dChan (int chan)
void a2dConf (bool rightjustify, int cselect)
void high (int pin)
 Set a digital output pin high.
void low (int pin)
 Set a digital output pin low.
void toggle (int pin)
 Toggle a digital output pin (set high if low, low if high)
int input (int pin)
 Get an input from a digital pin.
void setTris (int tris)
 Set the port I/O bits all at once.
int getTris (void)
 Get the port I/O bits.
void setPins (int byte)
 Set all output bits at once.
int getPins (void)
 Get all input bits at once.
void writeEE (int address, int byte)
 Write to EEPROM.
int readEE (int address)
 Read from EEPROM.
void pwm (int chan, int dc, int dfreq)
unsigned int count (int pin, unsigned int ms)
 Count events on a pin over a specified number of milliseconds.
unsigned int rcTime (int pin, int state)
 Perform an RC timing algorithm on a pin (see GP3 manual)
unsigned int pulseIn (int pin, int state)
 Measure a pulse width.
void pulseOut (int pin, int duration)
 Create a pulse of a given duration.
void freq (int pin, int ms, int frq)
 Output a frequency.
void setCounter (int prescale, int ext)
unsigned int count ()
 Get hardware counter value.
void resetAll (void)
 Reset everything.
void reset (void)
 Warm reset.
void repeat (int count)
void argInc (void)
 Increment the arg.
void argDec (void)
 Decrement the arg.
unsigned int check (void)
 Check the GP3 status. Should return 51.
void setTimeout (int _timeout)
 Set a communication timeout (default 100mS)
int getTimeout (void)
 Get current communication timeout.
bool listen (void)
bool isListening ()

Detailed Description

The main class for the I/O board.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GP3::GP3 ( int  rx,
int  tx 

Construct a GP3 object with a SoftwareSerial port NOTE: Not available in port version

GP3::GP3 ( Stream &  _port)

Construct a GP3 object with any port Note must be 57600 baud This is the port version's only constructor

GP3::~GP3 ( )

Clean up if using the default port If not using the default port you are on your own.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int GP3::a2d ( void  )

Get the analog value (0-1023) on the current channel

void GP3::a2dChan ( int  chan)

Select an A/D channel (default=0) All subsequent calls to a2d will use this channel

void GP3::a2dConf ( bool  rightjustify,
int  cselect 

Configure A/D convert for right justification (default) and voltage reference Rarely used; see GP3 manual for details

int GP3::getError ( void  )

Returns non-zero if an error has occurred Never automatically cleared after construction

bool GP3::isListening ( )

Call the soft port's isListening function If using your own port, always returns false even if you are using a soft port Not available in the port version

bool GP3::listen ( void  )

Call the soft port's listen function If using your own port, always returns false even if you are using a soft port Not available in the port version

void GP3::pwm ( int  chan,
int  dc,
int  dfreq 

Generate PWM Use chan=-1 for hardware channel

int GP3::readByte ( void  )

Read a byte from the GP3 with a timeout You usually do not call this directly Unless you are using repeat

unsigned int GP3::readWord ( void  )

Read a word from the GP3. Rarely called from a user program unless using repeat

void GP3::repeat ( int  count)

The repeat command allows the next command to repeat over and you get the 2nd and later results using readword() or readbyte()

void GP3::setCounter ( int  prescale,
int  ext 

Set hardware counter prescaler and source Prescaler can be 1, 2, 4, or 8

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